mitochondrial transfer RNA database

mitotRNAdb is a database of mitochondrial tRNA genes. It contains currently more than 30,000 tRNA genes of nearly 1,500 fully sequenced metazoan mitochondrial RefSeq genomes, classified into families according to amino acid specificity as defined by anticodon triplets. This is a follow-up of previous issues of the Sprinzl database which has been published for the first time in 1978 (compilation of tRNA sequences) by Sprinzl and coworkers and was continued in 1993, 1996, 1998, 2005, and 2009 (F. Jühling, M. Mörl, R. K. Hartmann, M. Sprinzl, P. F. Stadler, and J. Pütz. tRNAdb 2009: compilation of tRNA sequences and tRNA genes. Nucleic Acids Res., 2009, Vol. 37, Database issue: D159-D162).

Getting Started

mitotRNAdb provides a powerful and fast search engine. Taxons can be identified by browsing the taxonomic tree or by using the search form. Queries can include DNA or RNA sequences, amino acid family, anticodon, references, Pubmed-ID of the reference, gene ID as well as comments. In addition, individual searches concerning sequence or structure characteristics are possible. The server accepts IDs of the new as well as the old tRNA database as queries and can perform BLAST searches. All sequences can be downloaded in several file- and alignment formats on the result list.

This site is hosted and maintained in a cooperation between the universities of Leipzig (Germany) and Strasbourg (France).